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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Day!: The Water Bill Arrived!

After being shocked a few months ago with a water bill of over $240 I decided to do a few things to cut down on our water use.
We converted our main toilet to a dual-flush and installed a water saving device on the second (haven't switched it over to a dual yet). We also installed a new low-flow shower head and have generally tried to be more conscious of how much water we've used.
Since then I've been looking forward to our next water bill to see how much we cut down on our water usage and it arrived yesterday.
It went from 79 cubic meters to 46!
That's a big reduction.  Almost too big a reduction for just the few changes we made so this got me to thinking about what could be different between the two bills. 
After a few minutes it hit me...we had a new baby back in the fall during the period of the first bill.
The extra loads of laundry that had to be done separately with a gentle baby soap could be why the last water bill was so high.  The water for baby formula and baths probably didn't help either
With this in mind I checked our last water bill from before the baby was born: 58 cubic meters.
I think this amount of 58 was probably our average, but with the baby laundry no longer washed separately and the conservation steps we took, it dropped to 46.
So really our drop is probably more like 58 cubic meters to 46.  Still pretty good I think.
What will be very interesting is to see how much lower our bill will go with the new high efficiency washer and dryer set we got last week (which I'll post about later when I have a chance).

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