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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I've Never Enjoyed Badger Hair So Much

Just before Christmas, after about 4 years of use, my can of shaving cream was about dry.
Around the same time I'd read on Cam Mather's blog how he shaves only with olive oil.  I'm not brave enough to try that yet out when my wife asked me what I'd like for Christmas I asked for a shaving kit.
My wife gave it a good try but it seems like nobody sells shaving kits anymore.  Fortunately they still sell the brushes and soap individually and I got my Grandfather's old shaving mug from my Grandmother.  You could probably use any old mug though. 
Then I had to find the  aftershave. They don't make High Karate anymore so I was tempted to go for Aquavelva but since I had my Grandpa's old mug I decided to use his aftershave too: Old Spice.  If it's good enough for hobos it's good enough for me.
Using a shaving mug and soap instead of canned shaving cream took a little getting used to.  The lather doesn't last as long and is more watery so it drips a bit.  Because of this I divided my face into sections and do one at a time.  Neck, left cheek, right cheek, chin then upper lip.
To make the lather you don't need much water.  I just run hot water over the brush for a couple seconds and then stir away.  One of the nice things about shaving this way is that the lather feels warm on your skin.  Plus I find it gives me a much closer shave.  Maybe the hairs in the brush lift up my stubble somehow?
Although this doesn't have much to do with prepping or energy efficiency I think shaving with a mug and soap is better for the environment in the long run.  Those aerosol shaving cream cans can't be recycled but the good old shaving soap comes in a small recyclable (or compostable) paper box and is probably healthier than whatever chemical makes the canned lather last for hours.  Plus my soap is made in Montreal and I suspect a the canned cream comes from China (or if it doesn't it probably soon will).

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