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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Prepper Book Review: "The Self-Sufficient Home" by Christopher Nyerges

A few weeks ago on The Survival Podcast Jack had a very interesting interview with Christopher Nyerges.

A number of times Jack mentioned how much he liked his book, "The Self-Sufficient Home", so I just had to check it out.

Unfortunately I was a little disappointed; perhaps Jack's comments had my expectations too high.

Not that there wasn't interesting info in this book, I just found it to be a little thin on many details and the examples that it did give weren't practical and tended to..uhm...well,they tended to lean towards the crunchy granola side of things if you know what I mean.

For example, in the section dealing with wind-power, instead of presenting off-the-shelf mainstream options that anybody could do, it went into depth about a custom hand-made vertical wind generator that was built in the early 80's.

In fact, the whole book tended to focus on similar systems that were built in the 70s and 80s and were either custom-made or no longer in production.

On the plus side, there are some interesting examples and the author's writing style makes this a quick and easy read.

To sum it up I'd say this book is an interesting collection of what is possible, but not what would be probable.

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