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Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Water Bill VS Our New Washing Machine

Exciting times!  Our food dehydrator AND the latest water bill arrived yesterday!

After I've tested out the dehydrator more I'll blog about it but for now a quick post about the effect our new high efficiency washing machine has had on our water bill.

Our previous water bill showed that we used 46 cubic meters of water during the first 4 month billing period of January to April.

This latest bill showed that we only used 29 cubic meters!

I suck at math so correct me if I'm wrong but:
46 cm - 29 cm = 17 cm
17 cm / 47 = 36%

So that means we've used 36% less water!

If you've been reading this blog you may remember that our first water bill showed 79 cubic meters used!  I estimated though that our average was around 58 c.m. since our newborn baby probably bumped up our usage in the first billing period.

So this means that since earlier this year, we've dropped our water use from 58 c.m. to 29!  That's a 50% reduction!  Hopefully this trend will hold.

As I said before, I'm very impressed with our new LG high efficiency washer and dryer and would recommend them to anybody.

With the money we're saving from using less water and electricity while doing our laundry these machines are going to pay for themselves in a year or two!


  1. this is a good step. But your most imp. priority now should be food / water storage, and getting off the grid as much as possible, or at least having a heat/energy backup. Buy your baby supplies for the future now, well in advance.

  2. Well, as I've said in the past, I'm not preparing for TEOTWAWKI; around here our biggest threat is an ice storm.

    So basically I'm prepping for an ice-storm and taking greater steps to self-sufficiency, which is a slow process.

    So far I've got a 400w battery backup to run some small electronic stuff, extra propane tanks for the BBQ, and a small generator. My hot water tank is self-powering, natural gas so we won't run out of hot water.

    I'd like to eventually get my natural gas furnace set up so I can hook up the generator to run it.

    We're okay for baby preps since she's eating regular food now and we always have tons of diapers on hand.

  3. You are far more prepared then most already, this is really good...

    "around here our biggest threat is an ice storm."

    No, you are mistaken. Think bigger issues then this, and plan accordingly.